I Realize: Disrupt to Rebuild

On last June 9th and 10th, Space on Sail attended IRealize: the two day meeting managed by Topix at the Virtual Reality  & Multimedia park, Corso Lombardia, Turin.

Quoting the description available on the website of the event:

“Two days aimed at identifying unsolved problems, suggesting possible (technological?) solutions and stimulating the creation of new disruptive start-ups in different fields: Eating, Moving and Interacting , Growing (with three sub-divisions: Design/Media/wellness”

Notably, during the first day, Space on Sail attended the Media panel titled: Cogito, ergo sum and/or Carpe diem (i.e. are we really growing) managed by Jasper Bouwsma.


We are surrounded by media and much can be obtained not only for free but also on different platforms… free newspapers, iPhone, TV, YouTube and so on. The amount of information is overwhelming, sometimes even scary. Where is this going? How does/will this influence us and the world around us?
In this workshop we move away from our own personal experience and opinion and look from at three generations represented by personas that very roughly sketch the diversity in needs within the society.

Our tasks:

To design and to visualize 3 maps about Needs, Existing Answers and Disruptive solutions.

Our goal:

Trying to answer the following question with an innovative solution: “Individual growth and development is subject to an increasing number of inputs both on the intellectual side and on the physical side and psychological side, but we are really growing”?


First of all in order to investigate customers’ needs we wonder: nowadays what do media represent for us?

Several points of view rose up:


We agreed that the definition of Media includes EVERYTHING where the main three elements are: Where (Home, moving or @Destination) /Relevance (Personal, Social and Economic) /Engagement (Active/Passiv).

We have been able to convert this information in one 3D matrix


Are there already some existing solutions?

“The best way to predict the future  is to design it”(Buckminster Fuller)

Notably, we found the possibility to find a solution inside the word EVERYWHERE, that means that the dimensional aspect of our matrix could be preferentially considered as a place (not only physical) where to find inspiration.

But after that, how about disruptive solutions?

What is disruption?

Furthermore in what kind of disruptor are we?

We highlighted some categories:

-Revolutionary or discontinuous? An innovation that creates a new market by allowing customers to solve problems in a radically brand new way.

Evolutionary? An innovator that finally improves products on an existing market in ways that customers were expecting?

-Distruptive? An innovator that creates a new and unexpected market by applying a different set of values?

In our analysis we would focus on 2 levels: Economic & Emotional.

We have been focusing on the aspect related to dynamics involving both the audience and the consumer on the cultural market. We have also been considering how to reverse dynamics from the top to the bottom and assuming a way to influence the decision making procedure for the distribution and support of any cultural products (more information about the project will follow);  where our disruptive “sweet” point in business concerning services managing roles & networks.

During the second day Space on Sail had the opportunity to meet all the speakers at attending the conference and listen the other panel presentations. Notably, in our panel: Elio, Kai Zen and our coach Jasper Bouwsma discussed our proposals and shared with us their insights.

Key words: inspiration, suggestions, motivating and also… the opportunity to meet and build relations with new “disruptive” partners.

We could also sum up in just two words our impressions about the staff, the location and the catering services: simply excellent.

…and, the last but not the least,  to be definitely honest we have appreciated also the gadgets distributed along the day!


A special thanks to Alessio Jacona

Some other pictures here


2 Risposte to “I Realize: Disrupt to Rebuild”

  1. luglio 9, 2009 alle 2:16 PM

    Many thx for your participation and feedback

    Cya @ I Realize 2010!

  2. marzo 29, 2010 alle 11:37 am


    first of all , i want to thanks for all this informations , and i’d like it so much

    thanks for this sharing!



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